Green Screen Photography

Green screen gives you the choice of using different photo backgrounds at your event.
Before the event, we run through the background image options. We help you understand the process and usually produce a mood board with various background options and ideas.

Then at the event, your guests choose which background they want. The end photo can be branded with a logo and event information. The photo is taken, printed and framed in a card mount and presented to your guest. We can also upload the photo online. All printed images are saved digitally and you’ll receive a copy.

The green screen is highly adaptable and comes in numerous different sizes that are able to fit into your event space.
three young ladies
wanted ans ghostbusters banners
man taking a picture of a group posing with a greenscreen
man taking a picture of a group posing with a greenscreen

Photo marketing

people stading in line for the photo booth
We provide our clients with a turnkey solution using photos and videos to promote a brand’s product, service or just plain awareness. 

Involving data capture and digital delivery methods like email, social media, end-user websites, etc we're asked to consult, suggest ideas and ensure that we maximise your goals and targets.

With a host of different levels of experiential interactivity on offer, sometimes you know exactly what you want and other times you need someone to talk it through.

Clients require us to be assimilated into a campaign. Working closely with other elements of the event such as brand ambassadors, venues and external suppliers, we ensure from our experience how best to tailor our service to meet your requirements.

Photo borders

Photo borders are a brilliant alternative to using a green screen, but still enables the theme to be applied to photos taken whilst ‘roving’ around your event. It means that we don’t require a photo studio, so we don’t take up as much space. 

Popular for both children’s and corporate parties, we can employ the services of a prop master – someone working with our photographer, handing out props to those having their photo taken. 

A short while later, we hand the printed photo to your guests.
funny posters made with the photo booth

Paparazzi entrance

couple posing and paparazzi taking pictures of them
IPC have staged paparazzi entrances for clients and this can yield numerous possibilities;

  • One of the cameras isn’t necessarily fake and can photograph guests arriving.
  • These images can be printed out either as a photo, or on an item, like a key-ring for example.
  • Furthermore, this photo can be incorporated into a 10"X 8" magazine cover, printed out live for guests to take home.
  • We can supply everything, from barriers to red carpets and flame columns.
couple posing and paparazzi taking pictures of them

Step and repeat wall

four people posing at an event
A simple logo repeater, helping clients push their brands identity. 

We can supply all the necessary elements and can assist on the artwork design, if necessary. Simple and effective.

Photo wall

girls posing in front of a photo wall
This is a brilliant fun and interactive experience.
The photo wall has pre-cut holes, that guests stand behind. 

Props are provided as part of the service and we can brand the wall, too.

In the frame

couple posing in a frame
An interactive photo experience, whereby we photograph your guests behind an over-sized picture frame.

Different sizes and colours available.

Caption camera

funny people posing in a booth
Props and snazzy slogans written on boards that you pose and show to camera.  
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